IBS Company for the export of agricultural crops is a leading company specialized in growing, preparing and exporting Hijazi alfalfa in various weights, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, with high quality. Our interest is credibility in dealing with delivery times and the satisfaction of all importers in terms of product quality and competitive prices.

Our Mission

IBS aims to serve importers and improve the national economy, as we have an excellent and experienced cadre that works to provide all services to customers easily and help them overcome all obstacles and difficulties they may face at any time.

Our Vission

Our vision lies in the role we play in the field of economy and export, we always strive to be the most famous brand in the field of export and to be the first destination for importers because of our belief in the role of the company towards its customers.

Our Goals

Our goals are summarized in being the first destination for importers, expanding the customer base by attracting new customers in different countries, accessing markets with promising export opportunities, and gaining customers’ trust in our products in a way that makes us a more contributing company to increasing Egyptian exports.


Anywhere in the world, we are able to deliver products. The products we source meet our customers’ exact specifications on time, in the best possible condition and what customers expect from us.